Tour of Bronte Technical guide

Park entry
Entrance to Bronte Creek Provincial Park: 1km north of the QEW on Burloak Drive.
Gates open at 8am. Admission to the park is $15 per car. Ride or walk in at no charge.

Race staff and officials will receive “fast lane” admission to the park, so please be patient. You will receive a site map and instructions upon entry to the park. Please read and follow the instructions.

*Riders arriving for races after 9:30 am please take special note. You will be driving on a portion of the race course to reach the registration and event parking. Please respect race marshals instructions and proceed promptly and with due caution to the race parking area (approximately 2.5 km from park entrance gates).

Registration and Parking
Race registration and parking is located at Parking Lot F, approximately 2.5 km from the park gates. Follow marshals instructions and signs on site.

Site Map: Bronte Provincial Park
1219 Burloak Dr., Oakville, (905) 827-6911


Site Map: Parking/Registration/Warm Up/Starts/Finishes


Warm Up Area / Race Staging / Start area
All races will be staged on the boulevard opposite the Finish Line (see map). This is part of the warm up loop. Assemble 10 min before your start. Road races will have approximately 500m lead in section before the main race circuit. The Dirt Dash MTB race will have approximately 1km lead in to the main circuit.

A 1.5 km warm up lap on paved roads will be designated, signed and marshaled (see map). Please restrict your warm up ride to the designated area. Portions of the warm up area will be periodically closed to allow for race finishes. This area is also open to the general public, so please use caution and be respectful of other park users.

Finish Area
All road races will finish adjacent to Parking Lot F on the main paved boulevard. Riders WILL NOT pass through the finish line on each lap, but will have an approximately 500m “off circuit” finishing straight (see map).
Participants in the Dirt Dash MTB race will finish adjacent to the registration building and Parking Lot F on and unpaved portion of the course (see map).

Bicycle Regulations
Licensed Road Race Categories must use a traditional road bike or cyclocross bike with road style drop handlebars. Under 18 (Junior, Cadet, Minime) gear restrictions apply.
Visit for details.
No triathlon or time trial bikes allowed.

Dirt Dash Citizens Race participants may use any flat handlebar bike (mtb, hybrid, cruiser). Kids under 15 can ride any bike they want in the citizens race.

Course Pre Ride
The race course(s) will be marked on Saturday April 10 by 2pm. .
Pre riding of the race course on race day will be limited to 8am to 9:30 am. Once the 1st race starts, all riders must restrict their warm up to the designated warm up area or stationary trainers (recommended).

Mechanical Assistance
Neutral race support vehicles will be provided. Please supply your clearly marked spare wheels to the race staging area at least 20 minutes prior to race time.

Team Support Pit Areas
Two designated pit areas for team support staff will be established. One will be at the exit from the unpaved portion of the race course. The second will be a “double pit” where the race course passes one location 2 times per lap. Support staff wishing to drive to these areas will be given instructions at registration. Additional pit areas may be established pending race officials approval.

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